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The Eagle - In Conversation with Michael Schmidt and Dan Burt by Josh Hinton and Ed Kendall

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September 2014

It is early March. The warm sun is making its first appearance of the year, and the air is full of the shouts and laughter of inexperienced punters. In a bright and airy New Court set, second-year English students Josh Hinton (2012) and Ed Kendall (2012) meet with Johnian poets Michael Schmidt and Dan Burt to discuss everything from lust to rage, and from caesuras to the true purpose of poetry.

Michael Schmidt is Writer in Residence at St John’s, Editorial and Managing Director of Carcanet Press, and Editor of literary magazine PN Review. He has published seven volumes of poetry and numerous works of fiction and nonfiction, including The Novel: A Biography, released in May 2014.

Dan Burt (1964) is an Honorary Fellow of St John’s. He read English here and then graduated from Yale in 1969, before going on to a long and highly successful career in law. His first volume of poetry was published by Carcanet in 2008, and he has since published four more, along with a memoir, titled You Think It Strange, of his formative years in Philadelphia.